How to use the new Messages features in iOS 17

Unlocking the full potential of iOS 17’s Messages features elevates your communication experience to a new level. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of these innovative features, empowering you to leverage the latest capabilities efficiently and seamlessly.

Enhanced Messaging Tools

Adaptive Interface

iOS 17 introduces an adaptive interface within Messages, dynamically adjusting to user preferences and habits. This feature anticipates user actions, providing a personalized and intuitive messaging experience.

Within the Messages app, interactive elements offer a myriad of functions. Gesture-based interactions allow for quicker responses, including tapbacks, swipe actions, and expanded emoji functionalities.

Advanced Communication Features

Expanded Emojis and Stickers

iOS 17 amplifies the emoji and sticker collection, introducing an extensive array of expressive elements. Users can now access a broader selection to articulate their emotions vividly.

Enhanced Group Chats

The latest iOS 17 empowers users with refined group chat functionality. Features such as inline replies, mention notifications, and advanced management tools streamline large group interactions, ensuring seamless communication.

Augmented Reality Integration

Incorporating augmented reality into Messages brings a new dimension to communication. Users can share AR experiences within the app, enabling immersive and interactive conversations.

Security and Privacy

End-to-End Encryption

iOS 17 prioritizes user security with end-to-end encryption across Messages. This robust security measure ensures that all communication remains private and secure.

Anti-Phishing Measures

The implementation of advanced anti-phishing measures fortifies the platform against potential threats, safeguarding users from fraudulent activities.

Integration and Compatibility

Cross-Platform Synchronization

iOS 17 promotes cross-platform compatibility, allowing seamless synchronization between iOS devices and other platforms. Users can access Messages across devices effortlessly.

Customization and Personalization

iOS 17’s Messages is a hub of customization, offering an extensive range of options to personalize your communication experience. From custom themes, fonts, and backgrounds to the ability to set individualized contact-specific settings, users can curate their messaging environment to reflect their personality and preferences.

Check in with close contacts

Let friends and loved ones know when you’ve arrived home safely by pressing the plus button > more > check in. At this stage, the feature lets you choose from one of two options: you can either let it automatically guess your arrival time based on your location and the known location you’re going to, or you can enter this info manually.

Hit send, and a new message card will show that you have begun your journey. During the session, you can also extend or end the timer, while the recipient will get a notification if things don’t go to plan. They will also receive additional info, such as your last-known location, battery level, Wi-fi and signal status, or more in-depth locational data about your iPhone and Apple Watch if you’ve chosen to share it.

Siri Integration

The integration of Siri into Messages serves as a powerful addition. Users can leverage Siri’s capabilities within conversations to dictate messages, ask for information, set reminders, and even perform tasks without leaving the chat interface.

Enhanced Media Sharing

iOS 17 simplifies and enriches media sharing. Users can seamlessly share high-quality images, videos, and documents within the Messages app, facilitating a streamlined exchange of multimedia content without compromising quality.

Efficient Search Functionality

A comprehensive search functionality within Messages simplifies the process of finding specific information within conversations. Users can swiftly locate past messages, attachments, or conversations by using keywords or phrases.

Accessibility Features

iOS 17 emphasizes accessibility with a suite of features tailored to assist users with varying needs. From improved readability settings, voiceover enhancements, to expanded language and dictation support, the Messages app ensures inclusivity for all users.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Shortcuts and Quick Actions

Utilizing shortcuts and quick actions can significantly expedite communication. Users can set personalized shortcuts for frequently used phrases or actions, reducing the time required for common interactions.

Remote Features and Interconnectivity

iOS 17’s Messages supports remote access and interconnectivity with other compatible devices. Users can interact with their Messages app from supported devices, granting a seamless and unified messaging experience.

Automation and Scheduled Messages

The ability to automate and schedule messages offers convenience and flexibility. Users can schedule messages for later delivery or set automated responses, ensuring timely and efficient communication.

Utilizing Message Effects

Explore the array of message effects available in iOS 17 to add a touch of creativity and fun to your conversations. From fireworks to invisible ink, these effects allow for expressive and engaging communication.


Mastering the new Messages features in iOS 17 significantly enhances your communication experience. By embracing the adaptive interface, interactive elements, advanced communication features, stringent security measures, and seamless integration, users can harness the full potential of these innovative tools. Maximize your communication prowess and elevate your messaging experience with iOS 17.

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  1. It states here that you can schedule messages now with iOS 17. Can someone please show me how! I’ve been told over and over that you cannot. Thank you.


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