6 Oven-Baked Chicken Recipes To Prepare This Week To Boost Weight Loss

Baked chicken tenders crisp Baking breaded chicken tenders is a great alternative to deep-frying. This lean protein lets you have a substantial, hearty, and crisp dinner without gaining weight or sacrificing your diet.

Sheet-pan chicken fajitas Try fajita Friday instead of taco Tuesday this week. This sheet pan dish is full of nutrition from the chicken and a variety of veggies and requires no cleanup. Make plenty for leftovers and top with fresh ingredients for a restaurant-quality supper at home.

Potatoes, green beans, and chicken This oven-baked dish meets all dietary categories and includes a balanced dose of protein, carbohydrates, and vegetables. This chicken recipe will become a weekly regular because to its buttery sauce, which illustrates healthy eating can contain your favorite ingredients.

Oven-baked nutritious orange chicken crisp Instead of takeout this week, try this nutritious orange chicken. With a sweet and delicious sauce you'll be happy to prepare, serve this dish with veggies and rice for a balanced and substantial supper that comes together quickly and provides terrific leftovers.

20-minute chicken parmesan Italian-American restaurants' most popular non-pasta dish is chicken parmesan. This delectable supper is easy to create at home, despite its restaurant-level elegance. This 20-minute chicken parm recipe makes this traditional dish easy to create at home. This dish uses zucchini noodles instead of spaghetti to save carbs.

Lemon Chicken Rice Skillet Want something Mediterranean? Just try this lemon chicken rice skillet. It's protein-rich, easy to cook, and brown rice is a healthier option to white rice. This one-pan meal includes zucchini, which improves digestion, heart health, and thyroid health.