8 houseplants that can live happily in low light

Chinese evergreen Lance-shaped leaves on this three-foot plant brighten a dark bedroom, shelf, or desk. Just pick one with deeper green leaves. "Some varieties are brightly colored, or pink and red, but they need more light to not wash out," adds Di Lallo.

Blue star-fern Ferns grow naturally in shadowed, low-light locations, making them great housemates in dark houses. Most ferns need water and a humid climate, so they're not low-maintenance.

Heartleaf philodendron Heartleaf philodendrons are lush plants without the strong light needs of tropicals. Its heart-shaped leaves and drooping vines make this shelf-size plant ideal for an elevated seat where its greenery may hang down.

Hoya Their waxy, green foliage make hoyas wax plants. Many types thrive in hanging baskets or shelves where their foliage can dangle. Put them near a window with little direct light.

Peace lily In bloom, peace lilies have white, oval blossoms and glossy, bright-green leaves. Many flowering houseplants need sunlight, but the peace lily can blossom in low light.

Pothos Because they're hardy and easy to care for, pothos are popular starting plants. “It’s pretty much everywhere,” says Di Lallo. You may find it in nurseries and large box stores.” Pothos do well in low light and withstand pests, explains Di Lallo.

Silver pothos The silver pothos, with its green and silver variegated leaves, is actually from a different genus than the pothos family. Like the pothos above, it looks great on a shelf or in a hanging basket with its vines.

Watermelon peperomia This small peperomia has variegated leaves with watermelon-like green and white stripes. Martin says they live on the jungle bottom in South American tropical jungles, so they're used to low light and water shortages. When the top layer of dirt feels dry, give them water.