9 Things That Can Destroy Your Sleep Quality

Long naps in women during the day. We all love naps, but a long one can damage your overnight sleep. An occasional power nap is refreshing, but long naps might alter your sleep-wake cycle. 

A "nightcap" Wine and nightcaps may seem like a peaceful way to end the day, but they actually impair sleep. Alcohol makes you weary, but it disrupts deep sleep, leaving you less rested when you wake up.

Woman napping under blankets Overheating might ruin your sleep, so don't cuddle up with thick blankets and clothes. Too many clothes can make you too warm and lower sleep quality because your body temperature declines throughout sleep.

Keep your phone in your bedroom. Join those who sleep with their phones by their beds. Unfortunately, research reveals that screen blue light disrupts circadian rhythm, making it harder to fall asleep.

Excessive caffeine consumption Many individuals like a morning cup of coffee, but caffeine's energizing effects can last for hours. To maintain sleep quality, avoid late-day coffee and soda.

Overeating salty foods Avoid salty items that disrupt sleep. High sodium intake affected sleep patterns, according to a 2019 Frontiers in Neuroscience study.

Excessive workouts before bedtime Regular activity improves sleep, but not before bed. Exercise elevates body temperature and releases adrenaline, making it hard to relax at night.

No shower before bedtime A warm shower before bed seems relaxing, but timing is key. A hot shower before bedtime may disrupt your body's normal cooling process.

Improper pillow use If your pillow doesn't support your neck and head, you may wake up with agony and toss and turn. Good sleep position improves sleep quality, say studies.