Disney Movies Just Got More Expensive, and Customers Are Furious.

As fans complain, Disney+ and Hulu's ad-free plans cost more. One fan said on X (previously Twitter): "This sucks I’m so glad I just stopped paying altogether."

Another said: "I debated keeping it. I guess Disney+ is over. Churn, baby. Perhaps the ad-supported tier. Steaming is rising like my cable bill. Drop some platforms."

Another commented: "They're deleting material, losing subscribers, and raising prices? wtf." Another Disney+ subscriber mentioned how their recent show cancellations affected their renewal choice.

On their first billing date after October 12th, existing subscribers will see the revised costs.

However, Disney+ subscribers paid by Apple will not notice a monthly fee hike until December 10th.

Disney bundles many streaming services for convenience. The Basic bundle—which includes ESPN Plus, Disney+, and Hulu—has increased in price to $15 per month from $13.

If that wasn't enough to upset fans and customers, the Premium bundle, which includes ESPN Plus, Hulu, and Disney Plus's ad-free versions, has increased from $20 to $25 per month.

Disney has continuously raised the price of its streaming platforms since 2019, angering its loyal consumers. This tendency persisted into fall 2022, before the next price jump.