Here's Why Gigi Hadid And Bradley Cooper Have Been Using Taylor Swift's House 

"Taylor is a total romantic and loves playing cupid for her friends." The source added: "Gigi and Bradley have their own New York properties

 but they needed somewhere quiet to get to know each other, and Taylor was eager to help. She said her door is always open for them."

The eight-bedroom house, featured in Swift's song "The Last Great American Dynasty," has hosted many memorable Independence Day parties for the Grammy winner, 33.

Hadid, 28, has attended multiple Fourth of July parties at the property. Fans remember Hadid and Swift.

Their relationship was revealed at an Oscars afterparty in 2014. Since then, they've performed in music videos, shared meaningful tributes on social media, and supported each other through their biggest professional and life moments.

Cooper, 48, was initially linked to Hadid this month after the two were photographed dining at celebrity favorite Via Carota in New York City.

After leaving the establishment in the same automobile, romance rumors intensified. After a little vacation outside NYC, they drove into NYC a few days later.