Olivia Dunne struts in the locker room again.

Olivia Dunne posted a locker room photo of her toned body while training as a gymnast on Instagram. 

Another Louisiana State University student, Savannah Schoenherr, joined the selfie in a similar dress and made the peace sign with her fingers. 

Dunne is getting ready to play again in her senior year. She posted a TikTok video of her bar progress, which was popular. 

Her October 18 post received 922,000 views, 81,000 likes, and 350 comments, many of which praised her. She stated before the season: "My work is discredited.

 People should realize I earned what I have."Brands pay me for my demographic reach after years of cultivating a following."

 She has multiple brand endorsements and is the highest-paid female college athlete in the US.

The LSU are second in the West with a 4-1 conference record and play Alabama on November 4 which leads the division with a 5-0 record.