Paige Spiranac Joins Cavinder Twins In Response To Haters Who Criticize What She Wears

Perhaps no sports influences are more famous than Paige Spiranac and the Cavinder Twins.

As the “OG golf girl” on Instagram, Spiranac became famous after college golf. Tik Tok helped the Cavinder Twins become women's collegiate basketball's biggest stars.

The twins used their fame to create a Betr podcast with Jake Paul. Spiranac discussed several issues on Hanna and Haley's “Twin Talk” program. She answered those who regularly criticize her fashion.

You sometimes respond to hostile comments, I read. Discuss how you handle that, Spiranac was asked. Her response was direct.

“I want to be taken seriously as a professional golfer and no matter what I do or post, I get hate,” she said.

“I once wore a full turtleneck and leggings. People were dissatisfied with my full-coverage attire. I said, "Okay, I'll do what I want and wear what I want, and if people like it, great." No problem if they don't like it.

Spiranac is unfazed. Clearly, her methods work. Her Instagram followers exceed 3.9 million. About 600,000 more than Tiger Woods.

The Cavinders have followed her lead and built a large following. The twins have 310,000 Instagram followers. That pales in comparison to their 4.5 million Tik Tok fans.