People Are 'Silent Walking' & Raving About Its Benefits

Walking is a healthy habit. It helps maintain weight and burn fat. According to the Mayo Clinic, walking consistently can prevent stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and cancer. Muscle endurance and energy can also improve.

Silent walking has these benefits. "Walking meditation relaxes your brain. Dr. Stephenson describes it as a reboot. 

"If your brain is used to constant stimulation, the subtle stimulation of nature may be hard for you to notice at first and you might feel bored, but I encourage you to persevere."

Dr. Stephenson compares it to giving up "stimulating" meals like coffee, alcohol, sweets, and fried food. You're used to that intense taste or fast mood boost, but these 'solutions' can cause energy crashes and worry over time.

When you wean off them and your body adjusts, subtle pleasures like fruit, raw almonds, or the layered flavors of a mocktail or tea become just as pleasurable, if not more so, because they are less stressful ".

When you disconnect from media, you can enjoy quiet walking's simplicity. You can pause and smell the roses. "[It's] not just the way your body feels as it moves in the way it's meant to move, but also the gentle pleasures of bird song

a light breeze, the warm sun, and the colors of the trees, sky, and flowers," Dr. Stephenson says. "This is the kind of mindful participation in your own life that can bring you a deep sense of inner peace and calm."

You have time to listen to music or watch movies while traveling or performing chores. Enjoy your walk and reap the benefits of silent walking.