3 Zodiacs With Mysterious Auras

Scorpio Scorpio has to be brought up while discussing mystery. This evasive and sly water sign keeps people at a distance until they have shown that they are completely reliable.

Even in that case, there's always more to learn about Scorpio. Scorpios have complex inner lives that are always tumultuous with intense feelings and boundless desire. Scorpio would take a lifetime to understand (but many will try).

Pisces As magical as they come, Pisces. This mysterious water sign is hard, if not impossible, to identify because their head is in the clouds.

But since Pisces' dreamlike nature is what makes them all they are—and ultimately what makes them so incredibly beautiful in the first place—no one would ever want to cut their wings.

Aquarius Aquarius is an air sign that attracts others to them because of their distinct manner of living, which most people would never completely get or appreciate. Although Aquarius has a reputation for being a paradox in person, others are drawn to them because of it.

Ultimately, there is a great deal of inspiration to be found in Aquarius's refusal to fit into a single category. It inspires others to follow their own passions with abandon as well.