Tara Lipinski welcomes a baby girl after 5-year infertility battle

Lipinski announced on TODAY that her and Todd Kapostasy had a daughter, Georgie Winter.

"I have really incredible news to share!" Lipinski, 41, told TODAY contributor Kaylee Hartung. "Todd and I have a baby girl, Georgie Winter, that arrived into our arms by the most beautiful surrogate."

After years of infertility, Lipinski was in the delivery room when her daughter was born.

"My doctor had me playing my favorite song and I'm bawling because I think there was just so much relief of, 'Is this five-year journey over?'" Lipinski. In an instant, the baby is out, crying, on my chest, and we're doing skin-to-skin. I thought, 'How did my life just change so rapidly and is this a dream? Since it feels like it."

In their basement, Lipinski and Kapostasy record "Tara Lipinski: Unexpecting" about their pregnancy struggles. Multiple IVF cycles, four miscarriages, and endometriosis, which causes uterine cells to develop elsewhere, have made pregnancy difficult.

The figure skating analyst and NBC Sports Group athlete is grateful for her first child. "I feel so much gratitude — it just didn't happen for so long — and we're just very, very lucky," Lipinski cried to TODAY.

Lipinski said starting an infertility video podcast brought her and Todd closer and introduced her to a new community.

"Not only do I feel more bonded to Todd and we've had these conversations that I think we would have never had," she said, "but I also have now connected with this entire community, which is by far the most meaningful thing I've ever been able to be a part of."

"I just want her to know she was so wanted," Lipinski added. "That Todd and I thought about her for five years and that we can't wait to hopefully be the best parents to her and give her a beautiful life."