The Most Scarily Delicious Halloween Cupcakes for a Spooky Night

These cupcakes are a bewitching delight! Create a classic chocolate cupcake base and top it with a black sugar cone to mimic a witch's hat. 

Wicked Witch Hat Cupcakes

Frost your cupcakes with white icing and then use candy eyeballs or piped chocolate for the mummy's eyes. 

Mummy Cupcakes

Take your cupcakes to the graveyard with this eerie design. Start with a chocolate cupcake and frost it with a dark chocolate icing.

Spooky Graveyard Cupcakes

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Begin with a red velvet cupcake, frost it with glossy red icing, and add a green fondant leaf and a skull decoration for the apple. 

Poison Apple Cupcakes

Frost your cupcakes with bright green or purple icing and top them with candy eyeballs.

Monster Eye Cupcakes

Frost your cupcakes with a vibrant-colored icing, and then add gummy spiders or insects to give them a creepy-crawly effect.

Creepy Crawler Cupcakes

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