These 4 Zodiac Signs Have So Much “Older Sister Energy”

Taurus Taureans, headstrong bulls, think they know what's best for everyone. Sound familiar?

Taurus prioritizes stability and comfort, and your older sister is always worried about your safety and security. Drop a pin if your Taurean acquaintance asks for your location.

Cancer Cancers are known as the zodiac's matriarch for their kindness, so they're no surprise on this list. They are natural caregivers who never hesitate to help, and their empathy makes them feel your anguish.

They may be more motherly than sisterly, but they'll treat you like family, and older sister energy can be about parenting your siblings.

Capricorn Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are imbued with a strong sense of responsibility to take care of anything and everything, which is not an uncommon feeling for older sisters.

Plus, their leadership-driven personalities make Capricorns natural authority figures, so they can’t help but take on the role of “older sister” in a group setting.

Scorpio Only siblings understand Scorpios' unwavering loyalty. Despite your explosive screaming outbursts and Kardashian-esque blowouts, the water sign will always support you. Don't cross them or they'll sting you with their poisonous tongues. You must adore sisters.