Top 6 Most Scarily Witchy Long Nail Art Designs

The Wicked Witch of the West from "The Wizard of Oz" is an iconic witch character, and her emerald-green skin has inspired this nail art design. 

Wicked Witch Green

Create a crystal ball-inspired nail art by painting your long nails with a dark, mystical background color and adding a circular design in the center. 

Crystal Ball Nails

Witches are known for their concoctions and potions, and this nail art design plays on that theme. 

Potion Bottles and Cauldrons

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Witches are often depicted with their feline familiars, and you can incorporate them into your long nail art.

Witchy Cat Familiars

Create a spellbook-inspired nail art by using a neutral or parchment color for the base and adding intricate designs that resemble ancient scrolls, mystical symbols, and perhaps even an open spellbook on one nail.

Spellbook Nails

Witches often work their magic under the moon and stars, making celestial-themed nail art a fantastic choice.

Witchy Moons and Stars

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