Top 6 Scarily Stunning Halloween Nail Art Designs

Create a dark, eerie background using deep purple or black nail polish, and then paint a haunted house on one nail.

Haunted House Nails

Jack-O'-Lanterns are a classic symbol of Halloween, and they make for a fantastic nail art design.

Classic Jack-O'-Lantern Nails

For a more sinister look, try the blood drip nail art. Apply a deep red or black base coat to your nails, and then create the illusion of dripping blood using a bright red polish. 

Blood Drip Nails

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Paint your nails a dark green or black shade, and then create witchy accents like pointy hats, broomsticks, and cauldrons.  

Wicked Witch Nails

Begin with a dark background color like black, purple, or deep blue, and then use white or silver polish to create intricate spider webs on each nail. 

Spooky Spider Web Nails

Mummies are another iconic Halloween figure, and mummy wrap nails are an adorable yet eerie choice.

Mummy Wrap Nails

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