World’s sexiest athlete Alica Schmidt shows off incredible figure and toned abs

Alica, 24, has amassed a sizable internet fan base, with many people eager to follow her professional path.

The runner's breathtaking photos also garner a lot of attention. She has now dazzled her fans on Instagram once more with a fresh post.

Alica was honestly photographed in her training gear, flaunting her toned abs and physique in the upload.

"Life isn't about being perfect," she said as a caption to go along with the photo. "It‘s about being so ridiculously passionate that people think you‘re a little crazy."

Her 4.7 million followers gushed about how much they liked the photo in the comments section.

You're an adorable, unbelievably gorgeous, stunning woman," said another. Alica hopes to compete in the 4x400m mixed relay and go to the Olympics in Paris the following year.